The Top Coats Are Coming

Hello all! With the winter creeping up one key piece we should all have in our arsenal is a simple top coat. Well constructed wool, and tailored to a perfect drape. Some of you lucky gents out there will be fortunate enough to find a great fitting one right off the rack, if so do […]

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Walk tall and Double Down

  The past year has been an emotional roller coaster transitioning from my home town of the talking mouse; sunny Orlando, FL to the fast paced, dog eat dog city of Washington D.C. (Which is technically a district not a city). HOWEVER due to the 4 seasons that the NE experiences, you learn one thing […]

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Let the Spring Shine In

Spring has finally come to central Florida so this is the time to re create SIMPLICITY. This is one of my favorite combinations for taking a stroll through the town on a hot day with a couple of friends. The white linen under shirt is the best for keeping the suns rays away as well […]

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Cold Welcomings

being that New York was going to be freezing compared to my norm of the beautiful weather of central Florida; I knew that layers were going to be my best friend. I kept my colors dark to bid a farewell to fall. The main focus for my outfit for meeting the boys from GQ was […]

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H&M X GQ contest

This particular outfit was my entry to a competition for all the employees; held by the company i work for (H&M), sponsored by GQ but inclusive to H&M employees only. The rules consisted of creating an outfit using the most recent styles of our “Modern Man” collection. I went with a simple and classic outfit […]

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City Blues

This particular combination was to show that in a world of grey’s and dull winter colors, a hint of cobalt blue is enough to bring an equilibrium back to an outfit. Also to show off the small detail in my top to finish this casual outfit with a neutral fedora. Phototagrpahy: Juan Betancurt Fedora: ZARA […]

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